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HUGE OPPORTUNITY - For Brooklyn Women
How We Take 15 Brooklyn Women, Immerse Them In A Life Changing Program And Help Them Lose 30lbs or More, Transform Their Bodies, Relationships & Careers So That They Have More Confidence,  Energy & Happiness...
Can I be real with you for a sec?

I know how you feel. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Somehow getting up the subway stairs is overwhelming because you’re huffing and puffing at the top. You don’t have the energy to do the things you like to do.

Moreover, going out with friends or even a (dare I say it) DATE can feel excruciating because well, you don’t like how you look. You don’t like how you feel. And you’re tired of having to constantly buy the bigger size at the store and you’re running out “blousy” shirts to wear.

Whether it’s always saying yes to the extra project, volunteering to be the one who takes the kids EVERYWHERE, and being at your partner’s beck and call, somewhere along the way, you’ve lost not only your sense of self but also your health. 

If you’re DONE being the overweight one who is too tired to do anything but watch tv at night…

If you’re DONE avoiding photos because you don’t want anyone to see how big you are or you hate how you look in pictures….

If you’re DONE with diets that don’t work and a gym membership you never use…

If you’re DONE spinning your wheels on how to lose weight, get in shape and take your body back for good...

Then I’ve got good news for you.

My name is Aja Davis and I’m the founder of New Body Elite Transformation studio here in Brooklyn. 

I’ve created the MOST effective body transformation program on the planet. Yep, on the planet. 

That's me...
And here are just some of the results we get for our clients.
Let me explain...

I’ve spent the past 8 years studying the best weight loss strategies from some of the best in the industry. I’ve used my own clients as guinea pigs (so to speak) to perfect my methodology that gets women awesome, lasting results. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my own education learning the best mindset techniques and strategies that help people start and follow through with their commitments so that when you set a goal with me not only do you meet it, you surpass it.

I’ll let you in on a little secret….
HARD TRUTH: Weight loss isn’t just about the exercise. And to be honest, most women do it wrong.
Well of course not, you say, it’s about nutrition too.

And you would be correct. But there’s a secret component. And this is what other programs miss.

"If you've lost the weight but still find yourself unhappy, well guess what?

You did it wrong"

Weight loss, getting in shape and creating a healthy, happy lifestyle is ultimately about one thing: Mindset.
When you are able to change your subconscious mindset about your body and weight loss, you change your body and outlook for good. Period.
There are no more yo-yo diets. There is no more fluctuation of 20, 30, or 50lbs on the scale from year to year.  

You exercise. You can eat well and you might see results for a little while. But slowly (or not so slowly) the weight will creep back. And here’s the thing, until you BECOME the woman who exercises and eats well because that’s a part of who you are, you will always revert back to your old self, your old way of being. 

It’s a problem. And we can help you not only make healthiness and exercise a part of your LIFESTYLE, not just a fad you start and end, we make it fun and you do it with some of the most kickass women on the planet.


The 90 Day Body
 Transformation Challenge
And here’s how it works. I’m putting all my near decade experience into one program to do one thing: Get you results. And get you results that you keep. 

Check out what some of our recent clients have to say about our system...
How do we get such great results? 

I do this using a very specific, PROVEN 5 Step Program.
Step 1: Right Exercise
You’ve likely heard of high intensity interval training and how effective it can be. We integrate high intensity interval training into every workout. And the good news about training at our studio as opposed to a big box gym is that you’ll never do the same workout twice. Now it can be hard, and you should and will be sore. But I promise you, like the women who’ve come before you, the effort will pay off. We work with people at every fitness level from beginners to advanced, so no need to feel intimidated. You’ll be attending boot camp classes and training sessions 4+ times/week.

Step 2: Right Nutrition
 We all know that you can’t go around eating ice cream and pizza all day every day and get the results you’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the foods you love and still lose weight. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary customized, basically done-for-you nutrition program that not only gets you great results, but leaves you more energized, and performing better so that you can spend more time focused on what matters instead of what to eat.

Step 3: Right Mindset
Without the right frame of mind, no exercise or nutrition program will last. And more than likely you’ll want to give up. With the right set of mental tools, you can access and unleash your full potential. During our challenge we equip you with those mental tools with focused mindset training and coaching sessions so that you know how use them. We’ll get super clear on what is holding you back and why you haven’t reached your goals until now. We’ll uncover at the subconscious level why being “healthy” is important to you and how to keep that in your conscious mind. 

Step 4: Right Standards
In order to achieve anything new in life, you have to set a new standard. During our 90 Day challenge we will push you to set your own goals and show you how to create a new standard in your life so that you can not only crush those goals, but create the fit, healthy lifestyle necessary to support it.

Step 5: Right Community
No one ever achieved anything great alone. Who you surround yourself with is key to sustainable success. That’s why we’ve created an environment here at New Body that fosters your success. Everyone here is part of a team and part of a family. As a part of our community you’ll virtually guaranteed to meet your goals. 

See how effective this system is, just check out some of the results below:
Sam lost 12.3lbs
Letty lose 57lbs 
Denise lost 21lbs
Kerri lost 18lbs
Natalie down 16lbs
Katie down 15lbs
Marie lost 73lbs
Danielle down 13lbs
KT down 19lbs
HARD TRUTH: If you don't have a complete SYSTEM to lose weight AND keep it off, 84% of women will gain it back and then some.
In addition to all of this the actual structure of the program looks like this...meaning this is what you get:
  •  Access to Unlimited boot camp classes
  •  Private Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week
  •  Customized "done-for-you" nutrition plan and food (yes! your food is included in this program so you don't have to "think" about it)
  •  Personal health coach
  •  In-person coaching sessions with Aja
  •  Awesome community of women
  •  RESULTS!!!!
  • OH!! I almost always forget about the best part, one lucky transformer has the opportunity to win $$$. We think of it as icing on the to speak :-)
I’m going to be honest with you, this program is not cheap. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself for you health and happiness, then I’m going to tell you upfront that this program is not for you. My team and I have spent countless hours refining this process for you and I’ve poured my heart, soul and experience into creating it and so am 200% committed to making sure every woman who participates gets amazing results. 

Is it worth it? 

Well, considering I charge $500/hour to work with me privately and the number of hours I have put into this program, it would cost you over $25,000 to get what you're getting here. 

But you won't pay anywhere near that.

 You're getting ALL of my experience for 90 full days for a FRACTION of the cost Plus Done For You Customized Nutrition...I'll let you decide if your health and well being is worth it. 

I’m also committed to making sure we put together the right group of women for this challenge. That’s why we are accepting applications to this program. You see, because we are so good at what we do we often get a lot of “tire kickers,” people who aren’t really serious about getting results. And we only work with women who are serious.

So if this sounds like a Hell YES! I’d like to invite to apply.

Simply click the button below and fill out the short application. We will be in touch with you if your application has been accepted. Then we'll invite you in for a one on one goal setting consultation session.  During this time all of your questions will be answered about the program and we will create a personalized map to help you reach your goals whether you decide to do the challenge or not.

It’s time to get back to you.

Your friendly neighborhood cellulite fighter,

P.S. - If you're skimming, here are the cliff notes: If you are a woman who wants to lose weight, get in shape, have more energy, more confidence, healthier relationships, feel sexier, and do it once and for all surrounded with by an awesome community of women who want to do the same and won't let you fail, then you need to apply for this program. 
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